Friday, October 14, 2011

I Hope...

For those of you struggling with a parents' divorce, I hope...

That you won't try to fix their mistakes
That you'll remember they still love you, even if they don't show it at times
That you'll take care of yourself first and foremost
That you'll push yourself to wake up each morning, no matter how bad you feel
That you'll learn to rely on others, even though it makes you feel weak
That you'll realize you aren't weak, but in fact very strong
That you'll remember it's okay to cry, even if it's years after the divorce
That you'll never let anyone tell you how to feel
That you'll stand up for yourself and establish boundaries between you and your parents
That you'll be able to see your parents as humans 
That someday you'll find it in your heart to forgive them

Trust me...I haven't done half of the things on this list. But I'm trying. And someday I'll get there. You will too.

Want to talk about it? Feel free to email me at I'm here to listen and offer support as best I can.

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