Thursday, April 7, 2011

And we're off!


This is where I'll be for the next week. I swear I'm not trying to make you all jealous, I just wanted you to know so you weren't confused why there were no new posts for 8 days.

The hubby and I are taking a Carnival cruise (if you haven't been, I highly recommend it). We got a great deal and it's all inclusive. As much food as you want. Clearly my arm didn't need to be twisted on this one :)

I'm excited to get away. Something about the ocean is so peaceful and makes all of life's problems seem so far away. Plus it's always good to spend quality husband-wife time. We never seem to get much of that (maybe it's because I love Gossip Girl and he loves ESPN? Kidding. Sort of.) One of the promises we made to each other when we got married was that we were going to take a vacation together once a year every year...whether a week or just a weekend. I now realize how important that promise is, especially after watching what's happened with my parents. Sometimes you just need to get away and enjoy being together without any distractions. 

So my friends...I'm off! Talk to you in a week! But of course, you know you can always email me at

Oh and I promise I won't post too many pictures of our trip...(especially since I'll most likely be sunburned).

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