Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Life Meant to be Lived

A close friend of mine just lose somebody close to her. And I have to say, it really put things in perspective for me, especially as I attended the funeral this past weekend. It got me thinking about what really matters in life.

All the drama that's happened with my family these past few years just doesn't matter. What matters is taking time to truly live my life the way it was to be meant and that can only be done by spending time with the people I love. 

Life is so fleeting.

I don't ever want to look back and wish I had done things differently. Or wish I had spent more time with my family. Regardless of the things my parents have done and the pain its caused our family, they're still here on this earth. They're healthy. And I want to make the most of my time with them. I still have a chance to make things right and repair the relationship. That's what matters.

I'm not saying I'm miraculously healed from all the hurt. That will take years and is still a process I'm working through. But when people pass away, it makes me aware of how important my family/friends are to me. No matter what the status of our family is or how broken it is, I'm grateful that I have the chance to work things out. I'm grateful for our health. When it all comes down to it, nothing else matters.


serenity said...

Pain puts things in perspective sometimes and loss helps us value things more deeply. My hurt and relationships are not all fixed or worked out yet, but I realize that I need to have resolution within myself in how I deal with others in my life as well. I don't want to regret the way I have dealt with people in the future. Thanks for sharing your continued commitment to being the best person you can be in your relationships.

I wanted to share that I began a BLOG today!! It is a new venture for me, but I am excited to share myself, my experiences and my path to healing with others.
Join me if you want :

MVroom said...

True words of wisdom Serenity...thank you for sharing! And your blog is fabulous -- I'm so glad you started one! Such a great outlet. I look forward to more updates from you in the future :)


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