Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Encouraging Advice

Some good advice from Brooke Lea Foster, author of "The Way They Were" (highly recommend this book, you can check it out on Amazon here):

"Divorce hurts at any age so allow yourself to grieve. When my parents first split up, I felt like my family was dying and the truth is...it was. It's really tough when you know you'll never spend Christmas as a family again or even eat breakfast on a Sunday together. So give yourself time to say goodbye. Adult children and young children experience our parents' divorces differently. No one covers the adult child's ears or lowers their voices if we walk into the room when family matters are being discussed. Parents openly burden adult children with their problems, treating us like friends. On their own for the first time in twenty years or more, parents need guidance and support. We teach Dad how to do laundry and cook a red sauce. We counsel Mom on dating. But adult children struggle in these roles so the earlier that you set boundaries and learn how to say no, the better off you'll be."

I hope these words are an encouragement to those of you struggling with your parents' divorce. Hang in there and know that things will get easier with time. And of course, feel free to email me at acod16@gmail.com if you need a listening ear.

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Anonymous said...

I've added this book to my reading list. Thank you.


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