Monday, November 26, 2012

Just one of those days...

Having a rough day today. It's one of those days where it hits me like a brick.

My parents are divorced. 

When it hit me today, the pain and sadness came back to me and naturally, I started crying. I felt that extreme sense of loss that permeated my thoughts two and a half years ago when my parents separated. And in that moment, life just felt so incredibly unfair.

It never gets easier does it? The pain of having your family separated never goes away. I don't think it should. But on days like today, I wish I didn't have to feel it.

Hopefully this post isn't too depressing -- I just feel like us ACOD's need to admit when we're struggling and having a bad day. Even though its been a few years, I still have bad days...days where I feel like sitting around and crying. Days where I still can't believe my family isn't together anymore. Days where I really need encouragement from others.

Speaking of encouragement, thank you for the encouraging emails some of you have sent me. It's nice to know I'm not alone and that there are others out there who understand what I'm feeling. And if you're new to the blog or would like to vent (like what I did during this post), feel free to email me at

Thanks for listening.


daviesec said...

Thanks for this blog and this post. I'm having one of those days today, three years after my parents divorce, four after their separation. I'm 28 and have been married 2 years. Sounds like we have a similar story. Have many times felt like I needed to talk to a counselor to not being continually wounded and slightly neurotic (like I feel like it's made me...), but I have always felt like very few people could understand these emotions. It's good, although sad, to read that you have the same ones and that I'm not crazy. Anyway, all that to say, thanks.

MVroom said...

I'm so glad you found this post helpful, daviesec. It does sound like we have a similar story. I completely understand your emotions and you are NOT crazy. although it may feel like it sometimes. Happy to chat anytime, if you want to email me at As you can see, I've taken a break from blogging but am thinking about starting up again. That's the thing, being an adult child of never goes away and you're always dealing with it. Hang in there.


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